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André Bélisle’s Word of Welcome

Do you own an old vehicle of model year 1999 or earlier? Are you hoping to have it recycled in an eco-friendly fashion in exchange for 12 months’ worth of free public transit tickets or passes, or other interesting rewards? Well, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Clear The Air! Web site! | More information |


In 2002, the AQLPA, jointly with its partners, launched Clear The Air!, one of the very first vehicle recycling programs in Canada, whose main objective was to retire older highly-polluting vehicles from the road, thus supporting improvement of air quality and promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation. Since the 1990s, the AQLPA had been mandated by the Quebec government to lay the foundations for a vehicle inspection and maintenance program, of which an integral part was the disposal of the oldest and most environmentally-unfriendly vehicles. Over a six year period, the federal and provincial governments, public transit corporations and the private sector jointly financed the Clear The Air! program. | More information |


Clear The Air! is Quebec’s contribution to the Canadian vehicle recycling program Retire Your Ride. The program’s global objective for the entire country consists of recycling 50,000 vehicles built in 1995 or earlier, every year until March 31, 2011. Quebec’s objective is to retire 20,000 vehicles from the province’s roads before the end of the program. | More information |

Environmentally-Friendly Recycling

No, your older vehicle, which you pampered for so many years, will not end up in an open-air dump. In fact, the vehicle will be recycled and re-used in the manufacturing of industrial or common consumer products. | More information |

Clear the Air! On Tour in Quebec

This Summer, two Clear The Air! teams will cut across Quebec roads to make the Program and its objectives known. | More information |

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