Environmentally-Friendly Recycling

A Recycling Program for the Future

Under Clear the Air!, the Vehicle Will Get Recycled According to Best Practice, and Parts Containing Toxic Substances Will Be Safely and Securely Eliminated.

No, that aging buggy that you pampered for so many years will not die in an open-air dump. On the very contrary, it will be recycled according to best practice, and all parts containing toxic substances will be done away with safely and securely.

The Clear the Air! program ensures that recycling partners apply procedures and meet environmental standards laid out in the Guide des bonnes pratiques pour la gestion des véhicules hors d'usage of the ministère du Développement durable.

More precisely, recyclers have committed not to put the following parts back onto the market:

  • charcoal filters;
  • oxygen sensors;
  • EGR valves;
  • air pumps;
  • catalytic converters;
  • pressure sensors;
  • injectors;
  • cold sensors;
  • spark plugs;
  • mercury cables and switches.

Vehicle Recyclers

If you are a recycler interested in the program, please contact us!

Or contact us to obtain further details:

Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA)
Telephone: 418-642-1310 Fax: 418-642-1323 E-mail: jocelyne.lachapelle@aqlpa.com

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